Toy Kitchen Review – the Step2 Lifestyle and Why Your Child Will Love It!

If you want a plastic toy kitchen that’s both durable and fun for your toddler to play with, then you may want to take a serious look at the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen.This sturdy toy is complete with a “stainless steel” oven, microwave and refrigerator.

There’s also a sink with faucet, an authentic sounding stove, and various cabinets and drawers for your little one to have a field day with it.

Also included is a set of 17 accessories. The manufacturer, Step2, states that each play kitchen may ship with different accessories from the next. In my case, it was a set of plastic flatware: dishes, cups, and bowls. You may want to purchase a set of plastic food to fully round out your children’s playtime.

Is The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Easy To Assemble?

In a word: no. If you’re buying this play kitchen for Christmas, I suggest you spend the previous day putting it together. You’ll most likely need a power screwdriver to complete the assembly! In my case, I actually had to drill some holes in the plastic. At this price point (under a hundred bucks), I’m not too surprised to see Step2 cut corners, but it was frustrating.

The good news is this: drilling through any missing holes is quite easy, and the included instructions are clear. Even someone with two left hands can put this thing together, trust me, if I can do it so can you! Just be sure and give yourself some time to do it right.

What Do I Like About The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen?

Price: as far as play kitchens go, this one is priced cheap. For less than a hundred dollars, your child will get hours of play time. Other play kitchens can sell for as much as 300 dollars!

Interactivity: there’s lots of things for your child to do! The cupboards open and close. The stove sounds like it’s cooking. There’s even a toy phone so your little one can “take calls” while cooking up a storm with the plastic pots and pans. The appliances open like real ones, too.

Small size: you won’t need a lot of space for this play kitchen. Other models and brands are simply huge. If you’re in an apartment, or small home, then this may be a good choice for you. But don’t let the small size fool you. There is plenty of storage space in the appliances and cabinets, so don’t be afriad of buying plastic food, extra toy dishes, or other accessories. Your toddler will be able to pack it all away once he’s done playing.

What Don’t I like About The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen?

Difficult Assembly: as I told you before, assembly is tricky. Not impossible, or even very difficult, but you will be gritting your teeth and pulling your hair out a bit. The frustration lies in the fact that Step2 neglected to drill all the holes for you at the factory. This is easily solved with a simple battery powered screwdriver/drill. I took my sweet time putting it together, and it still only took me about an hour, which isn’t too bad.

Lack Of Plastic Accessories: this isn’t an “all in one” package. It does come with some plastic pots and pans, but you will want some toy food and maybe more dishes to complete the package and make it the most fun for your child to play with.

Is The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Worth Buying?

I think this is an overall good choice if you’re on a budget or want a play kitchen that doesn’t take up much space. Your child will love it! My granddaughter loves the sound of the “cooking” stove, as well as chatting on the included toy phone. Even my grandson has fun with it, making it perhaps a decent choice as a play kitchen for boys.

Don’t let the minor negatives put you off. Assembly could be better, but should still be less than an hour. And plastic toy food can be found for cheap.

This is simply good “bang for the buck” that won’t take up too much space in your home, but provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for your kids.

How to Lower Air Conditioning Bills

I look forward to the fun and sun of summer. This time of year is all about barbecues, gardening, and outdoor games. The one thing I dread the most is using the air conditioner. The electric bills from June through August will give any homeowner the summertime blues. I cannot think of any reason why I should have to continually throw away money to the utility company every year without giving the excessive heat a good fight. Once the local temperature gets warm, I usually open all the windows and turn on the ceiling fans installed throughout the home. The air conditioning does not get turned on unless the temperature and more importantly the humidity becomes outright unbearable. Even at these extremes I found money savings in using the air conditioning strictly at night so I can good some decent sleep. Well there are some key steps one can take to lower air conditioning costs.

Home Appliances

Appliances are some of the biggest heat sources to your home. Do yourself a favor and decrease usage of oven and stove. Prepare more meals using the outdoor grill. If you don’t have the time for grilling out, then prepare cool dinners such as chef salads or cold sandwiches with raw fruit or vegetables. Not only will these meals keep the kitchen cool, they will also cool down the body temperature. One might even eat healthier in the process.

The dishwasher should also be used less frequently in the summer if possible. Try to omit using the heated dry cycle and opt for a natural dry. Even more beneficial to a cool kitchen is washing dishes by hand. Pick a partner to wash or dry and strike up a conversation during this process.

Walk the home and inspect all appliances for unnecessary heat. This may involve changing up old energy wasting light bulbs and replacing with energy efficient lights. Also consider a thermal blanket for your water heater. These heaters throw out a lot of heat which will spike temperatures in the home. The thermal blanket installation will also benefit you with avoiding heat loss in the winter.


The sun has a way of beating down a home’s ability to stay cool. Try and keep window drapes and blinds closed during peak sunlight hours as this will deflect unwanted additional heat. Also make sure the attic and walls are properly insulated as this will keep cool air from escaping. If you are living in a home that you plan on staying in for many years, it might be a good idea to plant a few shade trees in your yard. This will cut down on solar exposure to your roof and siding. Unfortunately you may not receive the benefit of shade trees for a long time.


Keeping cool can be remedied by changing daily behavioral habits during a hot summer day. Try and spend more time in the coolest part of the home. For many this may be the basement or lower level that is just naturally cool. You may want to designate this as your summertime hangout. If you do not have a lower level, consider spending time in rooms that have more shade or receive cross breezes. This will allow you to turn off the ac and pop open a few windows.

If the dog days of summer have you cranking up your ac, consider spending time at other locations where you can get cooled down for free. I like to venture out to the public library or indoor mall. Just before leaving for these destinations, bump up the thermostat to about 75 or so. If the weather is not too dreadfully hot, turn it off completely until you return.

Air Conditioner – Maintenance

Finally you should have your air conditioning unit maintained and cleaned for optimal performance. Those units that have not been serviced for a long time can be sluggish and inefficient due to dust and dirt covering the coils to the unit. While the technician is performing this service, also consider installation of a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to keep the home cool when you want. The cost of hiring a HVAC technician to perform such service is money well spent as you will regain this money back very quickly.

Various Buying Tips for Basement Dehumidifiers

Basement is generally cold, dark, and damp; desirable conditions for the growth of mold, allergen, mildew, and other microorganisms. The most reliable technique to fix such issues is utilizing dehumidifiers that assist in lowering the humidity to typical suggested levels.

An absence of air wetness (low humidity) or excessive wetness is accountable for triggering pain and numerous illness. The suggested relative humidity level is in between 40 – 60 percent. High humidity increases the growth of mold, mildew, allergen, microorganisms, pests, and other insects in your home. Damp air is likewise not desirable for getting sound sleep or for laundry drying. Home dehumidification describes the removal of excess water vapor or wetness from the air in order to lower the humidity level inside your house. To puts it simply, basement dehumidifier keeps the spaces comfy and dry.

Working Principle

In incredibly damp conditions, sufficient dehumidification is needed to preserve healthy ecological conditions. Considering this, home dehumidifiers are vital home devices, specifically in areas with damp weather conditions. In comparison to other spaces, the basement is darker and cooler, which are beneficial elements for the growth of microorganisms.

Like other dehumidification equipment, a basement dehumidifier is set up with a fan, heating pump, and cooling coil. The fan attracts the wetness from the air over the heatpump, condenses the water vapor to water through the cooling coil and gathers it into a holding tank. The gathered water is then removed through a drain hose pipe set up in the unit. In case drain hose pipe is not set upin the equipment, the gathered water needs to be removed by hand. Click here to know more about dehumidifier.

Tips to think about During Purchase

These devices are readily available in a variety of innovations and designs.

These devices are offered in 2 types, particularly, portable unit, and set up unit. The portable unit can be quickly set on your very own, whereas set up unit must be fixed by a certified professional.

Buy An Air Purifier to Freshen Up Indoor Air

Fresh air inside the house helps to refresh the minds of all in the house. It provides good hygiene and freedom from all allergies. The air outside is filled with polluting ingredients that are harmful to the body. But having good air inside the house is more rejuvenating and protects everyone from the harmful effects of pollution. Air Purifier has become a “must buy” device for every house due to this polluting atmosphere and to have good health.

How can a Household Benefit from a Good Air Purifier?

Air Purifiers are advertised heavily making a person heavily confused regarding the brand to choice. However, the buyer can look for certain qualities in an air purifier before choosing a good device that is best according to his requirement. Purifiers help to clear the air from contaminants like dust, pollen and cigarette smoke. Advertisement of these devices by marketing them on a large scale does not mean that they are the best. Check if the purifiers have all features of good quality and live up to the norms of good performance.

The HEPA purifiers or “high energy particle air purifiers” help to remove air borne particles up to 0.3 microns while HEPA-like purifiers cannot remove such fine particles. The rate also varies according to whether the HEPA purifier installed within it or not. The user can purchase the device that fits his budget.

Clean Air Certification standards are provided for appliances that have good standards. The CADR or clean air delivery rate gives the rate of efficiency of the device to clear the air of impurities. The device is more effective if the CADR rate is high.

There are many filters installed in the purifier which helps to eliminate dust particles. These filters help to eliminate dust particles like smoke, dust and pollen. These help to protect furniture, reduces house maintenance and bad odor inside the house. Ionic filters help to remove tiny particles from the air. UV light filters help to kill germs like bacteria and virus. Carbon filter removes bad odor such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, cooking, etc. to keep the air inside the room fresh and clean.

Sensors are fitted into the best air purifier so that the fan can be automatically monitored to speed up or slow down depending on the pollution inside the room. As this is done automatically it reduces the electricity bill. When pollution is high, the fans move at high speed while the fan moves on to the slow speed when pollution is less.

The user has to buy the best appliance that can best fit his budget and requirement. Light weight purifiers have less number of purifiers and cost less. They are portable and have provisions like handle and wheels to move them to various locations inside the house. Extra provisions like remote control, filter change sensor are other features that are found in purifiers. Depending on the number of such features, the cost of the device varies. Choose the best size and model that best fits your requirement.

Review of Black & Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber

It’s hard to come to terms with getting old. It’s the little things, and not things you’d expect. It’s not finding a gray hair or a laugh line. It’s moments when you do things like get all excited about a cleaning gadget. I kept it under wraps with the Swiffer. I love my Clorox disinfecting wipes but I keep it in perspective.

So when I purchased the Black & Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber, I expected to like it. Well, like turned to love the first time I used this little beauty. Even with the best dishwashers, dishes need to be somewhat clean or they will deposit crumbs all over the rest of your dishes. Rinsing alone never seems to do the trick; the truth is they have stuck-on crumbs that need to be scrubbed. Well, I don’t have time for that and I’m impressed I’m bothering to put them in the dishwasher in the first place. Hit a button to start the scrubber and in seconds your dish is chunk-free, ready to go into the dishwasher.

There are two attachments: a sponge with an abrasive outer texture, and a brush with short bristles. Replacement attachments can be purchased. At the tip of the handle is a flattened edge that can be used for scraping.

The Black & Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber costs $19.99. It is 9 inches long and has a sturdy constitution without being too heavy. It takes 4 AA batteries.

An unexpected benefit is that it made my husband excited to clean. It’s a power tool for your kitchen. The psychological value of this tool goes beyond its time-saving qualities. Anything that can make cleaning more fun and go faster is a huge plus in our household.

It makes a great gift when you don’t know what to get someone. My brother-in-law was charmed by its power tool charm and raved about its usefulness. My mother couldn’t wait to use the brush attachment to clean the Jacuzzi. My dad was mildly interested, but it’s only a matter of time.

One drawback is the packaging the product is sold in: that awful blister pack plastic that is nearly impenetrable by scissors but cannot be simply torn apart.

The Black & Decker scrubber can be purchased at places like Target. Though it was an impulse buy like many items at Target tend to be, it is something I use daily and couldn’t imagine life without.

Robotic Sense of Dust and Dirt

Robot vacuum cleaners have become common household appliances as they are very useful to have in the house and do their function of keeping the house clean perfectly. They are small in size in the shape of a disk and are programmed to keep floors and rugs clean. These robots come in various models with different performing capacity and come at very cheap prices at around $150 to costly models such as $1000.

Robot Cleaner

Advantages of Having a Robot to do the Cleaning Job

Time management: Time is the main criteria that people do not have at present and these small robots save a lot of time that has to be spent on cleaning up the interior of the house. With both spouses working, there is no one to clean up the house because it is a time-consuming job as well as a tiring job. If you have money to spare, you can invest some into these little robots which will take care of the house and keep it spotlessly clean.

Advanced Sensors: Each robot is fitted with various sensors to sense what has to be done. Each sensor plays a crucial role in doing its own role such as detecting obstacles, detecting dust, dirt and pet dander. These sensors are located on the lower surface of the robot as they have to locate the place they have to move. They clean up hard surfaces as well as rugs and carpets. The robot has to detect that the carpet is spread on the hard floor and has to climb up the carpet to remove the dust on it. The robot can distinguish between the hard floor and the rug through its sensor.

Recharge: The robots have sound and light to say that the battery is low and has to be recharged. Certain robots can recharge themselves as soon as they run of battery by going to the docking station by themselves and getting themselves recharged. The docking station is the place where the robot is made to stand after the work is over and is also used to recharge the robot.

Dirt Detection: The dirt detector detects the dust and dirt that is spread on the floor and through its sucking motion, removes the dust, pet dander, pollen, dirt and even garlic peels from the floor. The robot cleans the room spotlessly and if the place is too dirty it takes time to clean it up well. The long brushes attached at the sides help to clear dust accumulated on sofas and other furniture even if they are located very low near the floor. These brushes move in a rotating movement to clean remote and unreachable places.

Control away from Home: Even if you are away from home, you can control these little machines through special apps which are tuned to take instructions and do the necessary work. You just have see that there all unnecessary obstructions on the way are removed.

These machines are easy to maintain and clean up. They are small in size and handy. It is worth buying as there are different models available and can be easily used. Just visit RobotVacuumPicks for further details.